Fire Alarm System implementation is not just another part of construction. Your fire alarm is what will saves the lives of everyone inside and works in conjunction with the sprinkler system. The system monitors the entire project and helps prevent catastrophic loss of life and property. There are many types of Fire Alarm Systems, such as conventional, addressable, voice evacuation. RZR offers engineering for all Fire Alarm systems and we perform our own battery and voltage drop calculations to ensure system performance within the capabilities of the chosen equipment. There are many factors to consider when engineering a life safety system for your business all of which must be approved and inspected by the Fire Marshall. Factors that will be taken into consideration include: the code used by your municipality, Use of the building (Occupancy type), additional requirements by your local Fire Marshal, any requirements of your insurance company, and a Site Survey. If your business is located inside the Houston City limts, you are required to have a fire alarm monitoring permit. This is in addition to the fire alarm installation permit. The following link will take you to a copy of the permit form: Currently the initial fee is $50, and the annual renewal fees are $25.